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For Students

Students just want to “get in,” but figuring out how is the tough part. Instead of wading all over the internet and trying to figure out which advice is right and which is wrong, student users of edVIZE can rely on authoritative guidance from top counselors that’s kept organized and on a safe timeline for success.


Everything, all in one place: from their dashboard, students can quickly view pressing things to do, college lists, testing progress, and notifications about the next thing to take care of.


The edVIZE Tasking System is your college adviser in an app, breaking down into a series of simple steps everything you need to do to get into your dream schools. We’ll explain what to do, when to do it, and even why each of those steps is important.


No one practices for the SAT or ACT because it’s fun, so keeping things efficient makes things easier on everyone. With edVIZE Test Reports, a series of answer choices becomes a focused plan of action in no time.


Instead of scheduling hundreds of individual meetings with students, edVIZE’s messaging system allows counselors to guide each of their students with a nuanced, personalized approach that leads to success. Every message, whether to individual or groups of students, is kept organized and ready for easy review, and no one is left to sift through inboxes.


There are a lot of things to enter into the Common Application, and remaining consistent with formatting, abbreviations, and punctuation across each of those fields can show the attentive care that will set you apart. Your edVIZE profile matches every field of the Common App down to character count, so you won’t have to reformat anything when it comes time to apply.


edVIZE adheres to the strictest security protocols and practices to ensure that your data is safe. We won’t sell student data to anyone, and only use depersonalized, aggregated statistics for internal reporting.

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