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For Parents

For parents, the edVIZE platform gets rid of all the badgering and all of the stress associated with it. Instead of checking in daily with their student, parents can quickly take a look at planning/application progress and learn exactly how to motivate their kid to success.


College applications are overwhelming, but with edVIZE, parents can be sure that their student receives the same advice on the same schedule that many families pay tens of thousands of dollars for. No more searching around the internet for guidance: with edVIZE, it’s all in one place.


Parents are able to monitor their student’s progress from their own account, removing the need for constant badgering and check-ins. With edVIZE, everyone stays on the same page without those stressful dinner discussions.


There are a lot of things to do along the path to college, and it’s not always obvious why they’re necessary. That’s why the edVIZE Tasking System explains not only what to do and when, but why each of those things is important.

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