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For Counselors

To help counselors manage a dozen or hundreds of students, the edVIZE platform allows you to streamline communication, monitor progress, and provide personalized guidance to individual or groups of students.

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Upon logging in to the edVIZE platform, counselors can monitor their students' progress in various college application areas such as General Planning, College Lists, Testing, Essays, and Recommendations. If a student lags in any area, the platform alerts counselors and provides guidance on how to address the issue.


Counselors can deliver personalized guidance to their students without having to schedule individual meetings. The messaging system enables counselors to maintain an organized record of all messages, whether sent to individual or groups of students, ensuring easy review. It eliminates the need for sifting through inboxes.


edVIZE Test Reports transform the conventional SAT or ACT tracking method from a monotonous task into a personalized plan of action. Unlike the traditional top-level number-based system, edVIZE provides a detailed breakdown of individual skills that require improvement, replacing As, Bs, Cs, and Ds with a more specific evaluation.


Although the path to college is very much an individual journey, every applicant has to get through the basic stuff. From extracurricular and essay planning to choosing who to ask for recommendations, the edVIZE Tasking System provides all students at your institution with a timeline that leads to success, not stress.


To make your transition to our platform as smooth as possible, edVIZE integrates fully with both SIS solutions and the Common Application, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all forms of student records and applications.

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