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Our Leadership.

Eyal Lavian

Co-Founder & CEO

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With a passion for education and technology, Eyal recognized a gap in the market and set out to create a platform that would revolutionize the way schools pave their students’ paths to college. Through his leadership and vision, the company is making a huge impact on the industry and is continuing to improve the college admissions landscape through cutting-edge technology. Eyal is dedicated to helping educators and students tackle the challenges with the college admissions journey. A recent Tulane University graduate, Eyal now lives in Los Angeles and enjoys his time traveling, surfing, and with his two dogs Niko and Shuki.

Ella Sherman

Director of Strategic Business Development & Sales

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Ella is a seasoned veteran of the edtech world, having been at its forefront for over 15 years. Her passion surrounds helping educators understand the ways in which technology can simplify the path to results for district administrators. For two other edtech startups, Ella has provided guidance and strategy for growth, leadership, and sales. Outside the office, Ella is the mom of a teenager, a keen tennis player, and an amateur chef!

Andrew Jenkerson

Tech Lead

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Andrew joined edVIZE in June of 2022 after serving 11 years in the military to pursue his passion for software engineering. While working as an AGE mechanic, he completed his Bachelor's degree in IT and earned his certificate in Full-Stack development. When he's not coding, you'll probably find him gaming or playing disc golf.

Jeremy Bourdon

Co-Founder & CSO

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Jeremy has been a college counselor and academic tutor for hundreds of families across Greater Los Angeles for the past 11 years. He double-majored in Physics and Philosophy at Grinnell College (’03), completed his graduate coursework in the Philosophy of Religion at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, and served as the lead author for two versions of Differential Equations textbook solutions manuals. Growing up without access to a college counselor himself, Jeremy cares deeply about leveling the playing field with respect to college applications and co-founded edVIZE to do exactly that.

Alex Rindone

Co-Founder & Architect

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Alex is a software engineer with 7+ years experience architecting a variety of applications. He is a graduate of UMass Lowell’s Music Business program, a program that enabled his love for technology and inspired him to first become a Web Designer. After designing and building a variety of different websites, Alex furthered his passion for design and architecture by learning new technology stacks and languages. Alex was brought on to edVIZE as their Chief Architect because of his experience, knowledge, and love for learning. He believes in edVIZE because everyone needs as many resources as possible to help them reach their goals in their career - getting into the right college is an extremely important step in that process.

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Shayna Sylvia

Design Manager

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Shayna Sylvia joined the edVIZE team in February of 2022. In her role as Design Manager she provides UI/UX, web and graphic design services using Wix, Figma, Canva and Adobe Creative Suite.

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