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Our Story

edVIZE began when Eyal reached out to his former college adviser, Jeremy, to create a technology platform to provide the same guidance that led him to Tulane. Alex soon joined the team as our coding guru, and we got to work immediately.

Everyone at edVIZE knows that a detailed, personalized approach to college applications is the best path to success, and we’ll continue to grow and refine a platform that we hope will help to level the unfortunately inequitable playing field that applicants struggle to navigate on their own.

Eyal Lavian
Jeremy Bourdon
Alex Rindone
The Future

Vision for the future

Everyone on the edVIZE team knows how unfair and stressful the college application process is for counselors, parents, and of course, students. By leveraging the latest technology, data resources, and current trends in admissions, the edVIZE platform is able to not only improve application results for each of our users, but to do so without all the stress and tedious meetings that make the process even more difficult for everyone.

Top college advisers are great at their job, but they’re prohibitively expensive and often geographically unavailable to countless students across the US and the world. But through the edVIZE platform, every single student will be able to access the same kind of personalized, accessible guidance that they deserve.


More fair with less stress: that’s what we want the college application landscape to be.

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