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Applying to college doesn't need to be so tough.

Simplify your college journey with VIZE.

Introducing VIZE
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Keeping it All Organized

Everything, all in one place. Our dashboard allows students, parents, and counselors to view testing progress, upcoming tasks, and communication from a single screen, streamlining everyone’s college application process.

Tasking System
Personalized Guidance

The VIZE Tasking System breaks the complicated process of applying to college down into a series of simple, easy to understand steps. We’ll explain everything you need to do, when to do it, and even why each of those things is important.


Test Reports
Data Analytics for Success

Every student is different, and planning out progress across dozens of practice SATs or ACTs can be difficult. But with VIZE, you’ll be able to translate multiple choice answers to a study plan with just a few clicks.

No More Inbox Searches

No one likes sifting through an inbox of thousands of messages to find what they’re working on. Our messaging system keeps all your college-related communication in one place so you’re never wasting time finding the next thing you need to do.


One platform, for everyone.

For Students

For student users of our platform, VIZE will provide the same advice on the same schedule that many applicants pay tens of thousands of dollars for. We just won’t do the tens of thousands of dollars part.

For Counselors

Whether you’re managing a few, a dozen, or hundreds of students, the VIZE platform makes everything easier. Instead of hundreds of time consuming meetings, VIZE for Counselors lets you keep all of your students on track with just a few clicks over coffee.

For Test Prep Tutors

We get it: Poring over answer sheets to figure out what your students need to work on takes time and energy that you’d rather spend teaching. With VIZE, test grading and analysis is automated so that you’re spending your time teaching, not grading.

For Parents

College applications are just as stressful for parents as they are for their students. With VIZE, all of the tense “did you do this?” conversations disappear. VIZE for Parents allows moms, dads, and guardians to monitor their student’s progress without all the stress that can make communication tough.

Our Values

You know your goals. We know how to help you achieve them.

Many college counseling services will put their statistics front and center, saying things like “98% of our students get into their dream school,” but what they don’t say is that services like these often temper their clients’ goals to keep those statistics. At VIZE, we’ll never do that. Instead, we’ll be clear about what your choices entail, guiding you through each necessary step to achieve your goals, no matter how ambitious they might be.

Unique Applicants, Unique Answers

The college application process is grueling for everyone, with countless minute details to negotiate that have similarly minute nuances for each unique applicant. Everyone at VIZE knows that providing that sort of nuanced, personalized guidance begins by understanding each of our users as deeply as possible. If you’re careful to fill out each aspect of your profile as completely as possible, we’ll be just as careful to offer advice that meets your unique needs.

Ethics in College Advising

Unfortunately, many college advising entities run afoul of ethical guidelines and principles in order to help their students achieve success. But if that success is reached through dishonesty, is it really success at all? Each member of the VIZE counseling team is registered with the IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association), abiding by the most rigorous ethical guidelines in the industry.

  • Is it difficult to switch from our current software solution?
    Not at all! Once we know what you need help with, we’ll walk you through every part of the edVIZE platform. Unlike other “solutions” out there, edVIZE was built to be just as easy and approachable as a face-to-face conversation. But if anything’s at all confusing or you have questions, you’ll always have access to tutorials and support along the way.
  • How secure is edVIZE?
    We’re just as committed to your privacy as you are, promise. You control what you would like to share with us, and we promise never to sell your personal data to anyone for any reason. There’s plenty to worry about surrounding college applications already. The edVIZE platform utilizes the most modern and up-to-date security protocols available to make sure that your applications are all you have to worry about.
  • How do you handle support?
    At edVIZE, we pride ourselves on being thorough, but never at the expense of timeliness. All support requests will receive responses within 24 hours. If email doesn’t help, we’ll follow up with a videoconference or telephone call to make sure that your problem is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Can you integrate with our student information system (SIS)?
    Yes! The edVIZE platform is able to integrate with commonly-used SIS solutions to ensure that transitioning to edVIZE is simple, streamlined, and easy for everyone.
  • How easy to learn is the edVIZE platform?
    edVIZE exists to make things easier and accessible to everyone, so we’ve created tutorials and guides to each section of our platform. For high school counselors and administrators, we’ll also provide personalized training to ensure that every user is able to navigate monitoring and reporting for both individual and aggregated student progress.
  • What does edVIZE do with my data?
    All we do with your data is keep it safe and secure. We don’t sell anything to anyone, but we use de-personalized, aggregated data internally to present things like scatterplots of past student success and SAT/ACT/GPA ranges for specific high schools and colleges.
  • Who is able to use the edVIZE platform?
    edVIZE is for everyone: school counselors, district administrators, students, and parents. Each of those roles has unique things to take care of during application season, and edVIZE was designed to make everyone’s job easier.
  • How can edVIZE help?
    Currently, access to elite college application guidance is limited to well-resourced families. Publicly available information is confusing and impossible to navigate, but high school counselors are overworked and private counselors are extremely expensive. edVIZE helps with all of it: we’ll keep everything organized in one place, and detailed, authoritative information allows us to offer specific advice to any student, parent, or counselor along their path to application success.

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